No 57

On the 5th of November this year (1823) in consequence of a fellow of the name of Kynaston having been shockingly burnt by the accidental explosion of some fireworks Dr. Goodenough sent round to each boarding house strict orders prohibiting them for the future.  Dr. G. had previously allowed them which, however, was not the case with the preceding Headmasters.

JR Wood

Prin Opp

No 56

The Cricket Match between the Town Boys and Kings Scholars took place this year (1823) on Tuesday August 5th – The former however were beaten by 27 Runs. The following are the names of the players on each side:

Town Boys:



Amherst Jnr








De Brugh

Kings Scholars:


Amherst Snr










The dinner usual on the Match Day & the arrangements respecting it were different Mrs Lick having provided it on all preceeding occasions

It was, however, this year furnished by Wand of Bond St. Goodenough also intimated his resolution of imposing some restrictions & materially lessening the expense of all succeeding that.

JR Wood

Prin Opp

No 55

A short time previous to the Whitsuntide Holidays of this year Goodenough made known his intention of having Mathematics taught at Westminster on a plan which should be more nearly connected & united with the other business of the school. The following is a copy of the plan on which it was to be adopted –

“Dr Goodenough proposes to establish immediately after the present Whitsuntide holidays a regular Mathematical lecture on every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon by one of the Ushers (Mr Bourne) in the library

“A select number of boys only will attend taken from the Senior Election of the Kings Scholars and such senior boys among the Townboys, as may probably leave school before the Whitsuntide in the ensuing year

“No boy will be admitted to the Lecture unless Dr Goodenough receives from the boy’s parents or guardians a particular request in writing to that effect

“Dr Goodenough hopes that the expense of this lecture will not exceed four or at most five guineas per annum to each person according to the number of those who attend it”

This lecture was consequently instituted on the plan proposed and on Thursday Aug 7. An examination of all those who had attended it, took place before the Masters and Ushers, (School being given up purposely at 11 o’clock), which examination it was then determined, should be repeated at the close of every succeeding half year.

J.R Wood
Prin Opp

No 53

On the 22 Feby 1823. The following rules were given out by Goodenough

“Dr Goodenough desires that every Boy who in consequence of illness or any other cause may be detained either at home or at the house of any friend beg and the time for which leave is given, shall (in addition to the note brought by himself upon his return) procure a note to be sent down to the Boarding House some time in the course of the first day of his absence stating the circumstances, in failure of which he cannot be allowed to visit at that place for the future

J.R Wood
Prin Opp

No 50

The annual match of Cricket between the Town Boys & King Scholars took place as usual, in which the former were beat by one innings and upward of 200 runs. This unequal termination of the game, however, must be attributed to the absence of their two principal players. The names of those who played are as follows












J.R Wood
Prin. Opp.