No. 359

T.B.B. & Q.S.S. boat race

This race was returned this year, & resulted in the victory of the Town Boys by 10 lengths. It was rowed on Wednesday July 31st, which fortunately was a beautiful day, & a large number of fellows went up by train & boat, etc., to see the race, as well as several masters. The eights went up to Coates’ wharf, Battersea, in the launch, with Mr Bovill, Mr Gibson, Rev. W.B. Gray, & Rev. W. Failes, and one or two of the senior non-rowing fellows. They got into the boats there, and paddled up to the starting place at Putney Bridge. The start was just on the turn of the tide, if anything on the first of the ebb. The boats went off very well together at the start, which was given by Mr Gray & kept fairly level for the first 200 yards or so.

The Q.S.S. has the better station for turning the Point at the Palace, but the T.B.B. began to draw away here, & gradually increased this lead.

At the Crab-tree we were leading by a good length, & the distance between us gradually increased, till we rowed under Hammersmith Bridge, winning easily by 10 yards lengths.

The crews were-


Surrey station Middlesex station
T.B.B. Q.S.S.
1.       H.S. Westmorland 1. W. Bury
1.       F. Learmouth 2. A. A. Sikes
2.       J.C. Frere 3. J. Langheike G. Godfrey
3.       J.M. Stuart Edwards 4. F.E. Cobby
4.       W.G. Bell 5. H. Lowry
5.       A.M. Hemsley 6. F.R. Clarke
6.       W.H. Ritchie 7. H.W. de Sausmarez
Str. C. Campbell Str. W.A. Cuppage
Cox. W.H. Burridge Cox. S. Bere


The Town Boys were greatly elated at this result, as it is the first victory for four years; & the crews were thought rather equal.

After the race, the crews rowed back to Coates’s, & adjourned for a “liquer” to the Swan, Battersea. An arrangement had been made for having a dinner for the crews, but it came to Scott’s ears, and the old blackguard would not allow it!

Water has got on very well this year, as well indeed as any one could expect, after the interval of two years. The steam launch had been a great convenience. Only the Scratch Fours & the Under Elections gigs have been rowed of the usual races, as it was thought better this year to practise, without many races, as a great many of the fellows were quite new to rowing.

No. 262

The race for the Silver Sculls was revived this year & won by Brinton.

The T.B.B & Q.S.S race was won by the Q.S.S. The crews were –

Bow. Kelly Bow. Bolton
2. Russell 2. Hill
3. Macnamara 3. Godfrey
4. Needham 4. Macnamara
5. Gamble 5. Jones
6. Maxwell 6. Brinton
7. Frere 7. Crowdy
Str. Batley Str. Williams
Cox. Randolph Cox. Pole


The T.B. Rudder was won by Batley & Russell.

The Leander race was also revived this year, and ended in favour of our opponents. The crews were –

The Leander Westminster
Bow. C.E. Haig Bow. A.P. Hill
2. A.R. Malden 2. R.D. Brinton
3. H.M. Mills 3. F.D. Crowdy
4. T. Parkinson 4. Q.H. Williams
5. A.Q. Gwatkin 5. C.A. Jones
6. H.J. Schwitz 6. C.C. Macnamara
7. Q.G. Chambers 7. H.C. Frere
Str. B.H. Buxton Str. Q. Batley
Cox. Q. Holden Cox. P.J.C. Randolph


L.S. Bristowe Prin Opp

No. 254

The first Old Westminster was rowed on July 21st, the day of the Charter-House match. The crews were-

Old Westminster Westminster
Bow. A. J. Kelly (P.W) Bow. A.P. Hill
2.       R.J. Boyd 2. R.D. Brinton
3.       W.H.A. Cowell 3. F.D. Crowdy
4.       A.B. Cartwright 4. Q.H. Williams
5.       H.S. Otter 5. C.A. James
6.       R.W.F. Harrison 6. C.C. Mcnamara
7.       H.T.V. Dawson 7. S.C Frere
Ste. Q.C. Johnstone Ste J.A. Battey
Cox. Newmason (P.W) Cox P.Q.C. Randolph


The course was from Putney to Battersea, the School Eight won by about 4 lengths, although getting a bad start.

One Thursday July 12rd a number of boats, including the Eight, rowed up to Richmond, as last year.

No. 250

The Eight is composed as follows –

St lbs
Bow A.P Hill Q.S
2. R.D. Brinton Q.S 9 7
3. F.D. Crowdy Q.S 9 5
4. Q.H. Williams Q.S 10 0
5. C.A. James Q.S 10 8
6. C.C. Macnamara Q.S 11 6
7. H.C. Frere T.B 10 6
Stroke. Q.A. Batley T.B 9 3
Cox. P.Q. Randolph T.B 5 6


The Scratch Fours have been rowed. For the first heat the contesting crews were-




Bow De. Saumarez Bow Kelly Bow Bolton
2. Courtenay 2. Russell 2. Glyn
3 H. Macnamara 3 Godfrey 3 Ellis
Str. Frere Str. Brinton Str. C. Macnamara
Cox. Newman Cox. Randolph Cox. Cuppage


Brinton’s boat won by three quarters of a length.

In the second heat round –

Middlesex 2.
Bow. Macmillan Bow. Dale
2. Buckley 2. Mead
3. Maxwell 3, Hill
Str. Batley Str. Crowdy
Cox. Newman Cox. Pole



Bow. Hebusley Bow. Rogers
2. C. Clarke 2. Whitlock
3. Alliffe 3, Needham
Str. James Str. Williams
Cox. Hayes Cox. F. Clarke


Crowdy won easily by two lengths. In the final heat the first two boats in each of the two heats competed. Brinton’s boat was eventually successful after a very exciting match race with Crowdy.

No. 169

The T. B. & Q. S. boatrace was rowed this year, the TB’s won by 2 lengths. For particulars see the Water Ledger. H J Roberts

For a long time we have been very anxious to have the rowing again established here and (though a great many objections were raised as to the distance we should be obliged to go before getting to a part of the river safe enough for the outriggers etc. the means of getting there, the expense and other things of this kind) this terms arrangements were made with Salter at Wandsworth and with the S.W. Railway Company. Our boats are kept for us at Salter’s and a compartment (2nd cl.) is reserved for the fellows, who get off as soon as possible after prayers & go over Vauxhall Bridge to the station to meet the 5.25 down train & come back in the evening in time for 8 o’clock lockers.

No. 66

The TB. And QS. Boat Race.

Came off on Saturday after 12. Directly after the start Fitzgerald TB. (cox) steered into QS. And we stopped for a fresh start. We got off very well and after a good race to the point, the Q. S. went ahead and won by four lengths.

1.       Fludyer 1.       Mure
2.       J Hunt 2. Bovill
3.       A C Dowdeswell 3. Griffith
4.       Whitaker 4. Harrison
5.       S F Lucas 5. Vidal
6.       J Lucas 6. Oldman
7.       F Harley 7. Williams
8.       F Pownall 8. Nichols
           Fitzgerald (cox)      Randolph (cox)


J F Lucas          Prin. Opp.

No 415

This month (July 51/) a race was got up in outrigger pair oars for jests. The first boat having a quart & the 2nd two pint pewter pots. It was won after a beautiful race by Wright & Berens; Vincent & Hunt being second. The race was from Putney Br. to Battersea. For particulars vid. Water Ledger.

J Murray
Prin. Opp.

No 414

On Monday (July 8th/51) we had a race with an old Westminster crew, from Battersea bridge, to Putney. It was a splendid race our crew being beaten by half a boat’s length. We had originally arranged to row on the Thursday previous, but the old Westr crew not being able to get together on that day, we chose Friday. On asking Weare’s leave however, the objected to it on the score that Saturday was confirmation day, so in spite of the earnest wishes of both crews to row, we were compelled to defer it to some indefinite period. It came off however on Monday without the knowledge of the masters. For particulars vide Water Ledger.

J Murray
Prin. Opp.