No. 383

There was a rule made some time ago that T.BB. should go round by Dean’s Yard and Q.SS. by cloisters from Early Abbey; but T.BB. in the shell have usually gone round by cloisters to avoid the crowd and to get to the houses before the others. On May 5th Burridge, a T.B. in the football eleven, but under 16 and in the remove, went round by cloisters with Westmorland, a T.B. in the shell; and was called up by the Q.S. monitors and in spite of the assurance of Westmorland that it was his (W’s) fault, was tanned, in my absence. I told Scott this, and he said that any such a punishment for such an offence could not be defended, and after speaking to the monitors for some time, said that the rule must be abolished.

No. 379


Herts Rangers v. Westminster School

March 8th

Herts Rangers 3

Westminster 1 (Westmorland)

Old Foresters v. Westminster School

March 15th

Old Foresters – 1

Westminster – 1 (Janson)

South Norwood v. Westminster School

S. Norwood – 1

Westminster – 0

Q.S.S. v. T.B.B.

March 19th

QSS. 2 (Benbow & Cuppage)

TBB. 1. (Ingram C)

Grant’s v. Rigaud’s

Grant’s 3

Rigaud’s 0

Grant’s v. Home Boarders

Grant’s – 11

H.B.B. – 1

Grant’s thus has the challenge shield for the year.

No. 378

There will be a great alteration in the examinations for admission into College this year.

The examination will not take place with the Exhibition examinations at Easter, & 3 candidates from without the school under 14 years of age will be allowed to enter without passing a year in the school, as has been the rule, as the first three of the Exhibitioners will have the option of going at once into College or of remaining T.B.B. as at present.