No. 583

The Charterhouse Match was played at Godalming on the 26th of July and ended in a victory for Charterhouse on the first innings. Westminster C. Gibson, c. Cawston b. Evan-Thomas 24 C.A. Sherring, run out 2 A. Armitage, b. Wreford-Brown 0 A. Fevez, b. Evan-Thomas 19 A.R. Hurst, b. Evan- Thomas 6 R.A. Ingram, b.…

No. 582

T.BB. in the VIth. Summer Term- A.M.T. Jackson (Grant’s) (Monitor) M.H.M.T. Pigott “ (Monitor) R.A. Ingram (Rigaud’s) (Monitor) C. Buttar (Ashburnham House) A.T. Pryce (Grant’s) J. Salwey (Grant’s) C. Bompas (Grant’s) E. Allan (Rigaud’s) Stirling (Rigaud’s) Towers (Home boarders) Webber (Ashburnham House)

No. 581

Results of the Cricket Season – Matches played      Won     Lost     Drawn   Runs for Agst. April 26th v Harris’ XI 94 98   Lost by 4 runs & 6 wickets. Sherring 23 Armitage 19 May 3rd v. Mr Blackburne’s XI 58 164 June 21st v. M.C.C 48 & 143 for 8 wkts 231   Armitage…

No. 577

Perry’s shop has been removed to Ashburnham House. Fellows now go up fields beyond by Victoria Street & Artillery Row, while Simpson’s & the street between it & Payne’s has been put out of bounds, & Monitors may not give leave to the Baths in Smith Street.

No. 576

The Elections to College in 1884 were as follows – J.B. Chapman F.W. Marshall J.H. Cumming E.L. Clapham A.J. Lee P.J. Preece F. Street H.J. Whittaker C.S.W. Barwell C.C. Sharpe W.S. Cox R.E. Olivier J.H. Clarke   Exhibitioners – W.A. Last P. Williamson G.H. Fry J. Liberty A.E. Balfour J.B. Farrar

No. 574

A few days before Election the Head Master sent for me & told me that if I had stayed longer than the summer term he would have made me Captain of the School(!), but that as things stood, he advised to waive any right(!) I believe such a change is most undesirable; for, setting aside…