No. 282

Westminster V. Royal Engineers

In this match, which was this year revived after the lapse of three years, the result was a draw. The playing was very good on each side.

Westminster V. Upton Park

This match rather unexpectedly for us, who had hoped to score an easy victory, resulted in a draw – both sides obtaining two goals each.

Westminster V. Gitanos

This match also in a draw.

Westminster V. Harrow Chequers

We won by one goal to none. This was the last foreign match of the season, which has been unusually successful for us.

L.S. Bristowe Prin Op

No. 280

The subject for the Phillimore Essay is a comparison between the Lyric poets of Greece and Italy. The prize was awarded to

OEquates G.A. Hicks TB
Macmillan QS
Proxime Accessit Botton QS


The subject for Greek Iambics was selected from Julius Caesar I.3. No first prize was given, the second was awarded to P.J. Lush. L.S. Bristow being Prox. Ac.

The Greek Prose prize was also awarded to P.J. Lush.

No. 279

I am glad to say that we are now able to enter candidate for the Oxford and Cambridge Certificate examinations. By a special arrangement we are allowed to take up our School work in place of the subjects set by the examiners, and the School examinations will suffice for all. But we shall have to do our papers in Grammar, unseen passages etc. late or at some “centre”.

L.S. Bristowe Prin Op

No. 278

The pancake was thrown as usual on Shrove Tuesday, although there had been some fear lest it might have to be omitted owing to the illness of Lady Augusta Stanley. It was thrown at 10 o’clock, as it happened that St. David’s day fell on the very same day. The Pan-cake was landed in Mr Gibson’s form, which was at length smashed in the struggle. The pancake as usual came to grief and no-body gained the sovereign.

L.S. Bristowe Prin Op

No. 277

Westminster V. South Norwood (return)

We won in this match by one goal to none. Our goal was kicked by Alington. And we should have gained a more signal victory had not our prudent adversaries played four backs.


Westminster V. Wanderers

We were successful in this match for the first time since 1823, by one goal to none. The game was very evenly contested throughout.

No. 276

To the great grief of all connected with Westminster, Lady Augusta Stanley, after a very long and tedious illness, died at the deanery on the evening of               March   . She was buried in Henry VII chapel at the express request of the Queen. Her funeral took place on Thursday March 9th, the Rev. Lord John Thyme officiating.  Among the spectators were the Queen, Princess Beatrice, Princess Louise, Duke of Westminster, Earl and Lady Elgin, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Duke of Argyle and many other distinguished guests. There were places for twenty of the Q.S.S in the procession, and a small number of T.B.B were admitted as spectators.

The Westminster boys subscribed for a wreath of Camellias and Lilies of the Valley to be placed on her tomb.

No. 275

The Charterhouse match took place on Feb. 19th. The match was this year, played in our ground. And after a hard fought battle we were successful by one goal to 0.

A.H. Giffe and A.A. Jackson officiated as umpires and K.V. Le Bas as referee.

The sides were:

Westminster                                                      Charterhouse

E.H. Alington (Capt)                                        E.M. Shot (Capt)

E.Waddington                                                   W.R. Page

F.D. Crowdy                                                       A.H. Ford

C.J. Fox                                                                 A.W.F. Wilson

W.C. Aston                                                         C.A. Reeve

Q.H Williams                                                       C.J. Cornish

A.F.M. Gamble                                                  R.S.S Baden-Powell

C.S. Dawson                                                       A.J. Wake

G.A. Hicks                                                            W.T Hayter

T.D. Jones                                                           C.D. Keightley

C.A. Jones                                                           E.F. Growse


Westminster V. Harrow Chequers

This match resulted in a draw. The ground was very hard and slippery, but the play was nevertheless very fast.

Past V. Present

No goals were scored on either side, the team of Old Westminsters was rather strong.

L.S. Bristowe Prin Op.

No. 274

The subjects for examination this year for the Major Candidates are as follows:


Homer, 1l VI. VII                Virgil, Eclogues

Greek & Latin Translations & Composition


Sophocles, Philoctetes                   Thucydides Bk VIII

Cicero, De halr Dea Bk T                   Juvenal Satires

Grk Test – Hebrew                          Golden Treasury Psalter

European History                             Virgil, Georg T (Vivâ voce)

Mathematics                                     Homer, 1l IX (Vivâ voce)

L.S. Bristowe Prin Op.