No 357

N.B. The annual sculling match took place as usual though the last Head Town boy omitted to mention it. The race was from Westminster Bridge to Putney. The candidates were Stewart, Barnes Q.S., Wright & Goodrick who came in first & was consequently the winner.

No 355

The consequence of a severe illness of Williams, Captain, resulting from over exertion in training, the annual race with Eton was forbidden. It is very much to be regretted, as the strength of Westminster consisted in the water. D Stewart Prin. Opp.

No 352

In consequence of a fever having broken out, it was broken up on Saturday, May 6th 1848 and 6 weeks holiday was given, that is to say in addition to the regular Whitsuntide holidays. The fever proved fatal in 2 cases, both in College. D. Stewart Prin. Opp.