No. 476

The subjects for election this term were –

Aeschylus Agamemnon

Cicero’s Selected Letters (Watson) Pt II

Catullus Selections (Simpson)

Plato Republic III IV

Gibbon’s Decline &c Vol I

Butler’s Analogy Part II

Epistle to the Romens


Aeneid X XI XII


The examiners were the Rev H.L. Thompson and W.D. Rawlins Esq. The following elections were made-

To Christ Church To Trinity
H.R. James Q.S. S. Bere Q.S.
F.E. Lewis Q.S. H.W.C. Baugh Q.S
H.A. Munro T.B.  

Triplett Gratuity

J. Langhorne Q.S.

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