No. 82

The Etonians sent their usual challenge for the 15th Decr which was the night of the Last Play. We had therefore to postpone the Match until the 20th, when the Etonians were only able to bring down 8 of their Eleven, with three other present Etonians. We had decidedly the best of it as we…

No. 81

The Etonians asked us if we would lend our ground to them to play versus Civil Service. The matter was laid before Scott who went to the Dean and Chapter. They flatly refused to let any strangers play there. So I think all future applications will have to be refused. S F Lucas         Prin. Opp.

No. 79

“The Charterhouse Football match” was played on the 22nd of Nov. It was a very hard game, Westminster had the best of it but could not succeed in getting a game so the match was drawn. Football Eleven F. Lucas. Capt. Pownall. TB G. Lee TB. Eastwick TB Chapman QS. Circuitt QS. J. Dixon QS.…

No. 78

“The Athletic Sports” The first day was wet and the ground spongy. The second day was better. The Town boys were very successful taking nearly all the prizes. The took place on Nov 7th & 8th which everyone agreed was much too late. Lady Augusta Stanley gave the Mile Prize. S F Lucas         Prin. Opp.

No. 76

The Town boys won the TB & QS Cricket Match by in one innings, and a few runs – The dinner was in the middle of the day and not after the match as we were obliged to finish it on that day. S F Lucas         Prin. Opp.