No. 98

The Phillimore essay was this year won by L. James Proxime accent J. H. Cumming.                                                                                                          J. I. Stirling. Prin.Opp   

No. 23

The School Prizes last term were awarded thus. Latin Prose . . . R.H. Bellairs Q.S. Greek Prose . . . C.A. Sherring Q.S. Greek Verse . . . H. Withers Q.S Senior Cheyne . . . F.M. Yglesias Q.S. Junior Cheyne . . . B. Stapleton Q.S. Master’s Prize . . . E.F. Allan…

No. 12

The subjects for the Prize Competition were as follows:- Dean Ireland’s (i) Greek Prose, More’s Utopia Bk ii ch 5. ‘The people’ – ‘chiefly themselves’. (ii) Greek Verse, Matthew Arnold’s ‘Tristan & Isolde’: ‘And is she happy’ – ‘today’s exact repeated effigy.’ (iii) Latin Prose, Bacon’s essays om ‘Revenge’ – Gumbleton’s English Verse, ‘Gordon’.

No. 508

The School Prizes have been awarded as follows – Cheyne Prize Senior B. Ince T.B Aeq.   H.G. Gwinner T.B    “           “       Junior B.A. James Q.S   Phillimore Essay J.B. Hodge T.B   Latin Prose J.B. Hodge T.B Aeq.   F.W. Bain Q.S Greek Iambics Not awarded   Greek Prose W.C. Dale Q.S  …

No. 477

The School Prizes this year were awarded as follows Latin Prose —– J.B. Hodge T.B. Greek Iambics —– W.C. Dale Q.S. Greek Prose —– 1. J. Langhorne Q.S. 2.  H.R. James Q.S. Phillimore Essay —–T. Morison T.B. Senior Cheyne Prize —– F.E. Lewis Q.S. Junior   “          “     —– W.E. Marshall T.B. Master’s Prize for Mathematics…

No. 404

The Results of the competition for the Phillimore Prose 1. A.A. Sikes Q.S. OEqu: Prize H.C. Benbow Q.S. 2. W.A. Peck Q.S. OEqu: – J.B. Hodge T.B   Verse R. James Q.S. Prize A. Peck Q.S. 2nd Prize B. Hodge T.B (Vide Entry 399)   The subject for the Ireland Verses was “Mount Sinai”. The…

No. 304

Two yearly prizes have been founded in memory of the late Second Mathematical Master, C.H.H. Cheyne, Esq. They are to be given every election to whoever small have got most marks in the Arithmetic Examinations of the past year, to be confined to boys under 16.