No. 291

Lamprobatics resulted this term in an easy victory for town boys, this being generally the case. Some disappointed QSS writes to the Elizabethan & says ‘it isn’t fair’. We don’t see why not. For particulars of this match & other matches played this term vis. MCC, I Zingari, Lords & Commons, Charterhouse, etc vide Cricket…

No 359

The annual Lamprobatic Cricket Match took place as usual, on Thursday the 21st of June, in which the Queen Scholars were beaten by the Town Boys the Town boys having three wickets to go down. William Charles Macready Prin. Opp.

No 329

The annual TB & QS cricket match was won this year by QS by 5 runs see Cricket Ledger__ The Lamprobatick between QS and TB was won by the later in one innings & 17 runs to spare See also Cricket Ledger C.F.L West

No 255

On Friday & Monday July 23rd & July 26th the annual Lamprobatick match took place. To which TB were defeated in one innings. On the TB side one of the best men was absent from illness. For particulars see Cricket Ledger. N.G. Smart Prin. Opp.

No 246

On Friday and Monday, July the 24th & 27th 1840 the annual match was played between the Lamprobaticks & the T.B.s who had not played in the Grand Match, in which the Town Boys were victorious by 4 Runs. This triumph was the greater as we had not beaten them in the Lamprobatic match for…