No 486

Liddell has made a form between the Upper Shell and Sixth, called the Remove, which form now enjoys the same privileges in the shape of fagging as the Upper Shell (that was)- The Upper Shell now is precisely the same as the Under (That was) having no privileges of fagging- J Gray PrOpp

No 484

During the Water Season another attempt was made to get up the Old Westminster and Eton race, but on Freeman putting the question to Liddell, he said that it was to be put down in the respective Ledgers that he was never to be asked again. JohnGray Pr Opps Captain of the Eight

No 482

The consequence of my having been shown up for tanning a fellow (which he most justly deserved), Liddell told me that the only way a Head Townboy or Head of a House had of keeping order was by showing up to the Masters; I told him that it never had been the custom of Westminster…

No 480

Liddell having said that he would be very willing to receive the subscriptions of the School for the “Patriotic Fund”, the following sums were collected: £.s:d Townboys   10.5:6 Queen Scholars 7.0.0 Making, together with the sums given by the Masters, 44£1.6. J. Gray-

No 478

A great many races have taken place this half, as well as cricket matches, Liddell very liberally giving “early Plays” when asked for among the Principal Races were between our Eight and the Leander, and also with the Old Westminsters. For further practicalities see Water Ledger & cricket etc.- JGrayPrOpp.  

No 477

The other day “Dickson”, the present Captain of the QS, took it into his head to go and annoy the first eleven game at Fields, and on the ball hitting him by chance, after he had been warned, he threw it away, at the same time stopping where he was before; wherefore one of the…