No 215

In consequence of the bad state of the Cricket ground application was made through the means of Ld H Lennox the Commissioner of the Woods and Forrests to have the use of a Government Roller which application being successful a voluntary subscription was made by the T.B. and K.S. to pay the expense of a horse as often as the ground should require rolling.

G.F. Bentinck Prin: Opp.

No 213

The Musical Festival in the Abbey July 2nd 1838

At this Festival as at the 2 last seats (by the favour of the Committee of Management were allowed to the whole school in the place were the T.B. sat during the Coronation.  Williamson granted us a late play for the purpose and we took our seats about ¼ before 12.  The whole concluded about 4.

G.F. Bentinck Prin: Opp.

No 212

The Coronation June 28th

At this Coronation as at the two former seats were appointed to the T.B. to view the august ceremony in the South East aisle close to the Peers seats.  We took our seats about 8 o clock in the morning and the whole was concluded about 4 o clock.  The next day being a Saints day general leave out was given.

G.F. Bentinck Prin: Opp.