No. 58

On leaving I think I may well recall some of he OW customs which have fallen into disuse while I have been in the school. The practise of having substances & shadows died a natural death about 1880, through Dr Scott not caring to take trouble about it. The substance was a boy who was…

No. 57

Mr Nall & Mr Roseveare are the news masters in place of Mr Dale & Mr Sloman. The two latter are much missed in the School.                                                                                                                            C.H.Bompas/ Prin.Op   

No. 56

The following was the work for Election. Livy Bk XXI        Virgil Æneid Bks I-IV         Terence’s Andria       Aristophanes’ Ranæ     Thucydides Bk VII Homer’s Iliad Bks I-II         Mommsen’s History of Rome Vol II     Grote’s History of Greece Vol VII Gospels according to St Luke & St Mark  : Rutherford’s Lex Rex

No. 55

The following O.W.W. have gained Honduras in classical moderations. R. Vavasseur                                                                                First class  C. C.J. Wable          C. J. Shebbeare           H. J. Pigott                Seconds S. H. Clarks              F. A. R. Brookes                                            Thirds H. G. Gwinner W. G. Hawitt has obtained a Second & W. G. Hawitt a Third Class in the Law Tripos at Cambriidge. H. W.…

No. 54

      The School Concert took place up School for the first time. It was a real success & the room, which had been prettily decorated with flowers lent by Mrs Rutherford, was well filled.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     C.H.Bompas/ Prin.Op                                          

No. 52

 On March 27th a chess match was played with Charterhouse. The following was the score.    Charterhouse                                                             Westminster J. Baker                        2 ½                                                 H. H. Harrison   Q.S.      1/2 C. H. Campbell            2                                                    J. E. Phillimore    Q.S.       1 T. Harrison                2                                                    J. G. Veitch          T.B.         1 A. Isling                     1 ½                                               H. L. Brown        Q.S.         1 ½ J. Lidderdale            …

No. 51

The Football Elevens were filled up as follows                                               First Eleven C. Page                         T.B.                        R. R. Sandilands          Q. S. A. R. Hurst                   T. B.                       C. Gilson                       T. B. H. Harrison                  Q. S.                      J. E. Phillimore             Q. S. E. G. Man                     T.B.                          E. G. Moon                   T. B. C. S. W. Barwell          Q. S.                         P. C. Probyn                …

No. 50

                                                T. B. B.           v             Q. S. S. Q. S. S. won this match by 2 goals – 0 I regret to say that the Q. S. S. played a very foul game. Last year thier play was not in very good form: I hope that the game is not going to degenerate into a…

No. 49

The following were the Football matches this season.                                                                                                           Goals                                                                                                Won                    Lost F. W. Jauson’s     XI                                                                  0                           1            Ashburnham Rovers                                                                1                            2 A.L. Favers    XI                                                                     5                            4 Swinton Wanderers                                                                         not played OW Westminsters                                                                    10                           1 OW Foresters                                                                            1                            2 OW Wykehamists                                                                      2                            2 Sandhurst                                                                                  1                            1 Clapham Rovers                                                                         1                            2 Brentwood                                                                                 1                            2 Royal Enquirers                                                                          2                             1 OW Carthusians                                                                         2                             1 Casuals                                                                                       2                             1 OW Harrovians                                                                                      not…

No. 48

Two Vincent Prizes for Literature & Elocution has been founded by Lady Vincent. They are open to fellows in the Fifth & Removes. P.E. Prolyn T.B. won the Senior & H.E. Witherby T.B. the Junior this year.                                                                                                                                    C.H.Bompas/ Prin.Op