No. 368

In consequence of the death of Princess Alice, the second & third performances of the play, this year the “Phormio” were stopped. This was a great pity as the acting this year was all round exceptionally good. Cuppage as Geta was capital, & Cobby was a very good Phormio. Lowry, Eddis and James, as Demipho, Chremes and Sophrona were very much praised.

No. 163

Feb. 27 (Tuesday) being the day of the Thanksgiving Service for the recovery of the Prince of Wales there was a whole holiday; so also was March 1. when Sir W. Wyne as usual came down. On the 7th of  March too there was a half holiday West having obtained a first in Classics at Oxford.

A. P. Hill.

No. 145

March 21st H: R: H: Princess Louise was married to the Marquis of Lorne: of course a holiday was expected, for it is not every day that a Princess is wedded, and still more rarely is royal blood united with a subject: however no holiday or part of a holiday was forthcoming though Eton celebrated their old schoolfellows marriage in their sensible manner, and people thought Scott, as being an old Etonian, would act in the same way. The matter however was compromised by an early play being given on Saturday April 1st, so that fellows could see the Oxford and Cambridge boatraces though the pretext for this early play was H: R: H: Princess Louise’s marriage it was undoubtedly given for the boat race, so we hope that next year another holiday may be obtained for the same event: and a holiday for the “boatrace” become a thoroughly recognised custom. JLW

No. 37

In honour of the Princess Alexandra of Denmark’s arrival in London Scott has given us an early play on Saturday to see the procession. Leave out has also been given from Tuesday at 12.30 till 10am on Wednesday morning, to see the illuminations. Leave will be given to those who are unlucky enough not to get an invitation, till 11pm.

E. R. Dowdeswell

Prin. Opp.


No 23

Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, came of age on Sunday the 9th of Nov., but owing to it being on a Sunday it was kept all over the Kingdom (except Westminster) on Monday. That is we did not keep it properly. It being Monday we of course expected leave till 10. This we did not get, so I went with Phillimore (captain) to Scott after breakfast to demand an early play: he would not hear of it, but said he would look at the “Papers” & see if it was to be kept here. We were not content, & went to him a second time, armed with the “Times” which gave notice that all the abbey and two government offices were to suspend business for the day in honour of the Prince’s birthday. He was of course obliged to yield but only gave a half holiday & that with very bad grace. It was very shabby of him, for it is not every year that a Prince of Wales comes of age. In fact it is more than 80 since George 4th arrived at the age of manhood. However, we will hope that when the next Prince of Wales comes of age, the majority may be kept with more loyalty at Westminster & that the School (being a Regia Schola) may be permitted to rejoice, in a sensible way, at any blessing which befalls the Royal Family.

E.R. Dowdeswell

   Prin. Opp.