No 13

A letter having been sent by the Etonians to Westminster; in which they challenged us to a rowing match, an answer was immediately returned stating our acceptance of the same, but at the same time informing them that the day which they had proposed to row us on, would be most inconvenient, as it unfortunately happened to be the day previous to that, on which our annual Cricket Match would take place. In answer to this the Etonians proposed rowing the day after the Match day and offered to get us leave out to dine with them, as a conclusion to the business. Again we wrote word them word that we should be most happy to accede to their proposal, and sent an invitation to those Etonians who were to row us, to dine with us on the Match day. Thus it was settled, and 3 of the Town-boys, and 3 of the King Scholars immediately set about practising (the names of the former were; Withy, Grant, Wills and of the latter Pemberton, Gresley, Hussey). But the business somehow or other coming to Dr Page’s ears, he forbad our engaging in it threatening expulsion if it were persisted in, wherefore it was thought most prudent to give it up.

 July 1818 G. Shepley Princeps Oppidanus