No. 40

The Q. S. S. performed their play this year as usual, on the 10th, 14th & 16th of December. The Andria of Terence was the play due in Station.

F. M. Yglesias as Davas & W. Buchanan as Mysis made the greatest hits.

The following is the casts.

Limo                     H. Withers.

Sosia                    C.S.W. Barwell

Davas                   F.M. Yglesias

Mysis                   W. Buchanan

Pamphilus           L. James

Charinus             H. Harrison

Byrrhia               C.A. Sherrins

Leebra               C.A.W. Sherrins

Chremes            R.H. Bellairs

Grito                   G.C. PhIllimore

Dromo               R. R. Sandileuds

Personæ mutæ

Lenor Lim onis {G.O Roos.

                            {C.C. Sharpe

The epilogue was unusually good, written by the rev. H. I. Thomson.

                                                                                                                                         C.Bompas/ Prin.Opp

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