No. 322

The Annual Athletic Sports came off this year on Oct. 17 & 18, & curiously, in fine weather! The Town Boys who won prizes are as follows –

Stephenson C. won the Mile & 2nd in the half mile with hurdles at the end.

Hamilton won the half mile with hurdles, & was second in the Mile & two mile Bicycle Handicap, in which he was scratch.

Hemsley won the 100 yds.

Edwards was second in the 100 yds. & 440 yards.

Secretan won the Throwing the Cricket Ball (93 ½ yards), the Throwing the Hammer (65 feet, 5 in.), & Pole Jump (8ft, ½ in)

Frere, J.C. won third place in the 100 yds, after running a dead heat with De Sausmarez (QS)

Bury O. won third place in the open 440 yards, first in the 440 yards under 16, second in the open hurdle race, second in the 100 yards under 16, & third in the half mile with hurdles

Bury W. won the hurdle race under 16 & second in the 440 yards under 15

Boyd won first in Throwing the Cricket Ball under 15, in the High Jump under 15 (4ft. 4in.), & in the 440 yds under 15, & third in the 100 yds under 15.

Coke won first in the Long Jump under 15, second in the 100 yds under 15 & High Jump under 15, & 3rd in the Hurdles under 15.

Squire won the 100 y. under 15 & second in the Hurdles under 15.

Caiger won second in the High Jump, Pole Jump, & Throwing the Cricket Ball.

Ryde & C. Sandwith won 2nd and 3rd in the under 15 Throwing the Cricket Ball.

Ritchie won the 100 yards under 16, & second in the Throwing the Hammer under 16.

Learmonth J. won second place in the under 16 quarter-mile.

W. Stephenson was third in the under 15 quarter mile.

Jeffcock, Horne & Radcliffe were respectively 1st, second, & third in the 300 yards under 14.

& Phillimore, Webster, & Blackett, first, second & third in the 150 yards under 13.

In all the T.B.B. got 18 first places to 6 of the Q.S.S. Of the T.B.B. Grant’s got 9, Rigaud’s 6, & HBB 3. In the open events the T.B.B. got 7 & the Q.S.S. 4 first places. Of the T.B.B., Grant’s got 3, HBB 3 and Rigaud’s 1 of these.

The Bicycle race was an innovation, & it was very well patronised, & proved a very good race, it is to be hoped that it will be an annual event. It was won by Steggall (220 yards start), 2nd Hamilton, scratch, 3rd Logan (220 yards), all TBB.

After the Sports on Thursday, Mrs Scott gave away the prizes. Dr. Scott responding for Mrs Scott said with reference to the recent controversy about the removal of Westminster that if some of our objectors had come up they would have seen that all the energy of Westminster was not exhausted & that Vincent Square was not such a very bad place to get at. The proceedings terminated with three cheers for the Old Westminsters to which C.H. Stephenson responded, & for the ladies.

The attendance, though not large on the first day, quite came up to the average on Thursday. The Old Westminsters race was won by A. Harrison.

William G Bell

No. 295

The Sports came off at the beginning of this term on the 11th & 12th September. The weather on the first was, as usual, as bad as it could well be. The second day was luckily much better and a good many visitors were present. The prizes were given away by Mrs Scott up fields.

The committee were

J. A. Turner Q.S. (Ex off)

G. S. Maxwell Hon Sec T.B. (Ex off)

W C. Aston Q.S.

E. R. Frere Treas T.B.

A. F. Gamble T.B.

C. B. Ryde Q.S.

J. F. F. Williams Q.S.

G.S. Maxwell Prin Opp

No. 265

Our Annual Athletic Sports took place on Oct 13th & 14th. The committee was –

E.H. Alington (Ex officio)

L.S. Bristowe      Treas (Ex officio)

E. Waddington

F.D. Crowdy

W.C. Acton

A.N. Jackson

H.C. Frere            Hon. Sec.


The mile was won by Hamilton, a new fellow, C. Macnamara 2, Alington 3, Bolton 4. Time 5.50. Owing to a stupid mistake in the measurement the course was 176 yards too long, 44 yds for each quarter, thus accounting for the badness of the time.

The Long Jump Open was won by Waddington, C. Fox being 2nd – distance 17ft 3in.

Hurdles – 100 yds open

This race was run in heats-

1st heat – C. Fox 1. Watson 2. Secretan 3.

2nd heat – Alington 1. Williams 2. Frere 3.

3rd heat – Waddington 1. Crowdy 3. Aston 3.

Final – Waddington 1. Allington 2. Watson 3.

Time 16 ¼ secs.

Long Jump – Open [Likely intended to read ‘High Jump – Open’

Owing to the state of the ground only 6 competed for this – but the jumping was good nevertheless.

Crowdy 1. Gamble 2. Alington 3.

Height 5ft.


The Hammer Open was won by Waddington who threw a distance of 72ft 6 ins.


Half-mile Hurdles

This race was won easily for the third time by Alington – Waddington was 2nd and Crowdy 3rd. Williams unfortunately touched the first hurdle with his hands and was accordingly disqualified. Time 2.29 min.


100 yds – Open

This race was won by E.R. Frere, a Town-Boy, although Macnamara had been considered sure of it – The time, 11 secs, was very good considering the abominable state of the ground.


Pole Jump – Open

For this there were only two competitors – Waddington and Alington – the first of whom won after clearing 8ft 5ins – on a better day he would have probable have done 9ft.


440 yds – Open

This, as was expected, was won easily by Waddington, Mcnamara being 2nd and Alington third. Time 60 secs.

Consolation Race was won by Black 1, Needham 3, Dawson 3. Time 40 secs.

The Old Westminster Race was won by Harrison, as last year.



The weather on the first day was fairly good, on the second day it began to drizzle about 10 o’clock and continued all day.

The prizes were given away up school by Mrs Scott, having been previously taken up Fields for inspection. The Head Master returned thanks as usual. Cheers were given for Old Westminsters. Boys returned thanks & called for three chairs for the ladies – on behalf of who Mrs Randolph returned thanks – and the meeting dispersed, non the worse apparently for standing about up fields in the rain.

L.S. Bristowe Prin Opp

No. 226

The town boys in Sixth are, Christmas 1874

M.M. Rodocanachi, prin. opp.

A.B. Cartwright

L.S. Bristowe

H.M.C. Macpherson

R.H.U. Ellis

A.L. Whitlock


Ireland Verse. No first prize.

2nd – E.V. Arnold


The Athletic Sports came off this year on the 14th and 15th.

The Committee were –

E.V. Arnold. M.M Rodocanachi. E. Waddington. E.H Alington. J.F. Reeks. [Either James Albert Reeks 1860-1944, or Charles Frederick Reeks 1857-1935]. A.B. Cartwright. J.A Batley.

The under 15 Cricket Race.

Secretan. Robinson. Fox.

One Mile.

M.M. Rodocanachi (T.B.), Bolton. 2. Macnamara 3. Holthouse 4. Ellis & Reeks.

Won very easily by about 80 yds.

Time 5.8 ½ secs. 2nd best time done at Vincent Square. Best 4.50 by R. Tomlinson.

Flat Race Under 15

Leggatt. Ritchie. Petrocochino. 12 ½ secs.

440 yds. 16.

Black 1. Fox 2. Macnamara, H. 62 secs.

100 under 16.

Frere. Barber. Gamble. 11 ¾

High Jump

Batley (TB) 4.6 1/2 . Hyde Clarke 2.

Hammer under 16

Barber. 87.8. Ashton. 80.8.

½ Mile with Hurdles

Alington. Rodocanachi. Waddington.

A very good race throughout.

Time 2 min 29 ½

Rodocanachi TB led until the 3 hurdle when Alington who is by far the best jumper caught him up.

440 15 Challenge Cup

This race was very well contested between the 2 & 3.

Petrocochino 1. J. Fox. 2. W. Cuppage.

Cuppage ran well for his size & had a close race for third place.

Old Westminster Race

Harrison. Boyd. Leggatt. All T.Bs.

The prizes were distributed by Mrs. Scott.

No. 219

The Athletic Committee was elected on June 26th in the Shell room. The voting was very close, as will be seen from what follows:

G.V Arnold Capt
M.M. Rodocanachi (Prin Opp. next term)
E. Waddington 69
E.H. Alington 60
C.F. Reeks T.B 58
A.B. Cartwright T.B 56
R. C Batley T.B 55


Canvassing was used in former years almost universal, was this year all but unanimously eschewed by the candidates.

It is a great thing that each fellow should give his vote to whoever he considers fittest for the post, & should not, as before, be biased by continual promises of votes to anybody who may ask him. I hope that next year, all canvassing will be a thing of the past.

Egerton G.B. Phillimore. P.O

No. 192

The Athletics took place on Oct 15 & 16. The weather was altogether very good, though there was a little rain on the first day.

The Mile was won by Otter in 5.24 2/5 secs. He also won the Challenge Hammer with a throw of 75 yds. Reid (T.B) won the 2nd prize (74 feet), as well as the 1st for throwing the cricket ball, (81 yds), & the 3rd for the ½ mile & Hurdles. The latter race was won by Alington (2.37). Harrison being a good 2nd & also winning the 1/4 under 16.

H. A. Rogers was 3rd in throwing the cricket ball, 1st in Long Jump (15.1) 2nd in High Jump, 1st in open 100 & Pole Jump.

In throwing the cricket ball under 15, C. Fox , Secretan C., Gamble won: all T.B.’s.

The Long Jump under 15 and 300 under 14 & 150 under 13 were won by Leggatt, in the former by a clear lead of 20 yds. He was also 2nd in 100 under 15.

M.M. Rodocanachi was 2nd , F.L Denman 4th in the Mile (T.B.’s) Holthouse (Q.S.) was 3rd

McKeand (T.B was 2nd in throwing cricketball, 3rd in 100 under 16,

The open Quarter was won by Harrison, Randall, J. Fraser,

The Consolation was won by Wynn (Q.S.)

The committee consisted of:

H. S. Otter Q.S.

EGB Phillimore. T.B.

JR Reid. T.B.

R. Giles. Q.S.

EH Holthouse Q.S.

PGL Webb Q.S

D. Arbuthnott. T.B.


E.G. B. Phillimore. Prin. Opp.

No. 173

The Athletics came off on Thursday & Friday the 17th & 18th of October. In spite of the miserable weather they were carried on with great spirit, the first day was favourable till just the end when there was some rain, but the second day it rained almost incessantly. H. Vidal (Q.S) carried off the challenge cups for the “Mile” “100 yds” & “Half Mile Hurdles” he also won the “High Jump”. Boyd T.B won the “Open Quarter”, & Jackson T.B the “Throwing the Hammer”, these two were the only open events won by T.Bs. (W.B. Webb T.B won the “Throwing the Cricketball at the wickets Open to all”.) Mrs Scott gave away the prizes up school; Scott, as usual, made his speech & had a cut at the governors about the “Natural Science” now taught at Westminster.


No. 78

“The Athletic Sports”

The first day was wet and the ground spongy. The second day was better. The Town boys were very successful taking nearly all the prizes. The took place on Nov 7th & 8th which everyone agreed was much too late. Lady Augusta Stanley gave the Mile Prize.

S F Lucas         Prin. Opp.