No. 365

The Athletic Sports came off on Thursday & Friday, Oct. 17 & 18, & were very successful, no rain, mirabile dictu, falling on either day. The T.B.B., of course, took all the events under 15 – of the 16 events, Squire and Boyd were respectively 1st and second in both the quarter & hundred.

In the open events the T.B.B. won the following places –

Mile, first & second – W. Stephenson and Westmorland

Quarter – second & third – Westmorland and O. Bury

Half Mile with hurdles – first and third – W. Stephenson & O. Bury

Hundred – first and second – Stuart-Edwards and J. Frere.

Cricket Ball – first – Robson

Hammer – seconds – Ritchie

Hurdles – first – Ritchie

Long Jump – first – Stuart-Edwards

High Jump – second – Wilks.

Bicycle Race – first & second – Steggall & A. Soames


We also introduced this year a new feature in the sports – a ‘Tug of War’ between the Q.S.S. & T.B.B. 12 a side. The Town Boys won this year – pulling over the Q.S.S. twice. The first pull was quickly gained by the T.B.B., but the second was a longer matter, the Q.S.S. offering more resistance, but we pulled them over & won.

The team was – W.G. Bell, C. Campbell, F.G. Clarke, F. Newington, J. M. Stuart Edwards, H.S. Westmorland (Grant’s), O. Bury, Palmer, H. Robson, C.V. Wilks, (Rigaud’s), J. Frere & W. Ritchie (HBB).

Counting with open events & u.16, first place, as three, second two & third one, then the scores are

College 34 T.B.B. Grant’s 22
      Rigaud’s 13
      H.B.B. 10


Counting all events the Houses stood

Rigaud’s 34
Grant’s 32
H.B.B 23
Dale’s 3


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