No. 520

The Athletic Sports were held this year on Oct 11th & 12th amid truly English weather.

1st Day

The weather having slightly moderated towards 12 o’clock Westminster assembled at Vincent Square & the Athletics commenced.

Throwing the Cricket Call under 15. Won by Sherring who threw 68 yds odd.

One Mile Hat Race.

Won by F.T. Higgins in splendid style.

Throwing Cricket Ball open to all

Won by G. Eden with a throw of 91 yds

Hat Race 300 yds Handicap

This is a new feature in our Athletics substituted for the Pole Jump for which there were no entries this year.

1st Heat won by Eden, 2 Booker

2nd Heat won by Sutherland, 2 Higgins

Hat Race 100 yds under 15

Won by Page. Time 12 2/5 secs.

Hat Race 440 yds under 16

  1. Page 1 min 1 3.5 secs.

Hurdle Race

Owing to the sloppy nature of the ground the jumping had to be done carefully in which Bedford particularly excelled.

1 Heat: Bedford. Both his opponents fell.

2 Heat: Waterfield. Forster.

High Jump. Under 15.

Won by Sandilands with a good jump. 4ft 2 ½ in. Wimbush second.

Hat Race 300 yards under 14

Won by McHardy

High Jump. Open to All.

  1. J. Booker 4ft ¾ in

Half-Mile Handicap

Won by Nicholas with a start of 120 yards

Forster scratch taking third place

100 yards under 16

  1. Page No time taken.


Second Day

Throwing the Hammer

Only 3 entries. 1. Rogers 62ft 5 in

Half Mile with Hurdles at the End

  1. Forster 2. Higgins 3. Bedford

Long Jump under 15

Sandilands here again defeated Wimbush with a jump of 14ft ½ in.

Hat Race 300. Final Heat.

  1. Eden. 2. Booker. 3. Higgins.

Hat Race 150 yards under 13

  1. Monroe. 2. Wodehouse

Hurdle Race Final Heat

  1. Waterfield. 2. G. Berens. 3. Bedford.

400 yds under 15

  1. Pope 2. Dundas

100 yds Open to All

  1. Eden 2. Forster 3. Waterfield. No time taken.

Long Jump. Open to All.

  1. Waterfield. 2. Rogers

Hurdle Race under 15

  1. Page. 2. Wimbush

Open Quarter of a Mile

  1. Forster. 2. Sutherland. Time 59 secs.

Old Westminster Race 120 yards

  1. C.Y.R. Bedford. 2. H.D.S. Vidal. 3. J.P. Jeffcock.

Bicycle Race. 2 Miles Handicap

  1. Forster 2. Lowe

Consolation Race

  1. R. Armitage. 2. Lynch

Tug of War

Townboys beat Queen scholars (2-0)

J. Rawlinson D.N. Lynch
C. Roller G. Berens
G. Eden H. Hoskins
W. Meredith F.T. Higgins
J. Booker A. Bedford
R. Armitage P. Russell


Mrs Scott with her annual kindness in spite of a serious cold, presented the prizes to the successful competitors

The Committee consisted of

H. Waterfield W.G. Hewitt
M.R. Belthune F.T. Higgins
G.E.M. Eden A. Bedford (sec)


G. Hewitt Prin. Opp.

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