No. 191

There are at present (Christmas half) 6 Town Boys in the VIth.

E. G. B Phillimore (Grant’s) T.B. Monitors.
E. M. Rodocanachi (H.B. Rigaud’s) T.B. Monitors.
F. L. Denman (H.B. Rigaud’s) T.B. Monitors.
M. M. Rodocanachi (H.B. Rigaud’s)  
L. S. Bristowe (H.B)  
H. M. C. McPherson (H.B)  


The Ireland was got by P. G. L. Webb (Q.S), 2nd Prize, E. V. Arnold (Q.S).

The Dean’s Greek Test was won by E. V. Arnold (Q.S.).

Egerton G B Phillimore. Prin. Opp.

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