No. 189

The T.B & Q.S cricket match was played up fields on Monday, August 4th & to the surprise of all ended in a victory for the Q.S by 5 wickets, the TBs had seven fellows in the first eleven. The following were the elevens


  T.Bs   Q.Ss
In the 1st eleven J. B Dury (Capt.)   H. S. Otter (Capt)
In the 1st eleven R. P. McKeand 1st 11 E. H. Alington
In the 1st eleven N. C. Bailey 1st 11 E. Waddington
In the 1st eleven E. Roller 1st 11 K. B. Otter
In the 1st eleven H. J. Roberts 1st 11 W. C. Ryde
In the 1st eleven P. Tatham   F. Whitehead
In the 1st eleven R. J. Boyd   W. C. Aston
  A. A. Jackson   J. H. Watson
  A. H. Lefroy   R. W. Mead
  D. Arbuthnott   C. Dawson
  E. A. Horne   W. A. L. P. Evans


Roller got the T.B. money for a score of 25 runs & H. Otter the Q.S. money with 40 runs (two chances). K. Otter got the wickets, & Dury the ball.

H. J. Roberts Prin. Op.


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