No 302

The List of the Sixth Townboys as it stood after Xmas 1844

J. Preston
G. Gillett *
T. Grahame *
W. Green *

Those marked * are Home Boarder. This is the smallest number yet & it will be perceived that it can go but one step lower with regard to Sixth Boarders. Yet there were at this time 100 or very nearly in the School altogether a greater number than has congregated here for 6 or 7 years: although few old Westminster connections. The present paucity arises from the great deficiency of Under School some 5 years back, which being now much stronger, induces me to hope for a slight increase at least for the future.

No 222

On the 12th of December, being the 2nd play night, the annual sixth dinner was held, after a lapse of 2 years, at the Café de L’Europe in the Haymarket. It was very well served up and pretty moderate as to price, so as to give general satisfaction. So few were the sixth numbers that it was found desirable to dine with the Upper Shell of whom 2 attended viz Curteis and Smith

F Byron

F. Byron was President
A. Pollock (Home Boarder) vice-President
Added by F Byron
Prin Opp