No 302

The List of the Sixth Townboys as it stood after Xmas 1844 J. Preston G. Gillett * T. Grahame * W. Green * Those marked * are Home Boarder. This is the smallest number yet & it will be perceived that it can go but one step lower with regard to Sixth Boarders. Yet there…

No 292

There has been no Sixth Dinner for several years owing as was stated above to the paucity of the Sixth Town Boys but this I hope will not prevent its being carried out hereafter if practicable & I sincerely hope it may be. J. Preston OP.

No 260

The list of the Sixth form after Xmas 1841 stood thus. Karslake HB Busford HB Speerway Andrewes Beasley Gillett Marshall Karslake soon after was put in the 7th as a reward for his examination & where he remained about 3 or 4 months till he left. W.G. Andrewes Prin. Opp.

No 251

This Christmas (1840) the Sixth Dinner was again omitted from the same lamentable cause as the preceding year. And indeed in the present aspect of things it seems probably that this obstacle will last for some time. M.F. Osborn Prin. Opp.