No 363

This year, Liddell in consequence of the extreme negligence of the Upper Election, would not give the eight leave off lock in, to go to the Thames Regatta nor even have off names in the evening. However we accomplished it in the evening by hard pulling and came in for one or two sculling matches of no very great interest.

N.B. The eight was as follows:

    1. Horne QS
    2. Wright TB
    3. Stokes QS
    4. Eminson QS
    5. Mure TB
    6. Macready T.B.
    7. Cook QS
    8. Barnes QS

Cox Balfour

W.C. Macready
Prin. Opp.

No 362

* The eleven elated with their success in the last cricket match accepted a challenge from the I Zingarees (and the school an early play for the match from Lord Paget) The I Zingarees beat us easily – for particulars see cricket ledger. The match took place on the fourth of July.

*After this match the eleven played the Marylebone Cricket Club. And were beaten in one innings by a large score – see Cricket Ledger

W.C. Macready
Prin. Opp.

No 360½

I regret to state that some misunderstandings have taken place between the TBs & QS.s which might have ended in serious consequences.; but were amicably settled by Liddell – A QS, the second monitor thrashed another B.B. in the sixth with a cane in college (and I may here mention that he had before nearly been expelled for  making two boys fight against my orders, as it was a perfect absurdity) for challenging the 3rd monitor to fight. This coming to Liddells ears he was so enraged that the two boys were put down from monitors, and confined to the green for the rest of the half. Every body including many QSs thought the whole proceeding on Mr Liddells part most just.

W.C. Macready
Prin. Opp.

No 360

The second eight received a challenge from a four chosen out of the eleven, to race them from Battersea Bridge to Westminster (B.). It was accepted and the four of the eleven!!! was beaten by seven or eight boats length. The race took place upon the 22nd of June: the boats were arranged as follows.

1. Marryatt Q.S.
2. Blagden Q.S.
3. Armitstead Q.S.
Stroke 4. Stokes Q.S.
Cox Balfour Q.S.

1. Bennett Q.S.
2. Browne
3. Madan Q.S.
4. Williams Q.S.
5. Browne
6. Somerville Q.S.
7. Steward
Stroke 8. Milman
Cox Twiss

W.C. Macready
Prin. Opp.