No. 55

It will be seen on looking back to Arts. 38 and 47 that in March 1863 Scott decided that no Townboys in the Under Remove should have power to fag. In July 1863 he reversed that decision but gave no written order. Mr Marshall refused to allow the Under Remove Townboys in his house to fag. So in November I went to Scott about it and in February 1864 he gave me a written order of which the following is a copy.

“In respect of the rules made Oct. 1860 the arrangement of forms having since been altered and the under Remove formed, the Rule is henceforth to be

  1. That the right of fagging belongs to Townboys in the VIth form and Upper and Under Remove, provided they are above 16 years of age.
  1.  That no Townboy who is in (or above) the Upper Shell shall be liable to be fagged.” Chas B. Scott Feb. 1864”

I have put the order in Scott’s writing in the box in which these ledgers are kept.

F. P. Tomlinson

Prin. Opp.

No. 54


As I was only the sixth Townboy from September to Xmas 1863, Lefroy the headboarder in Remove kept this Ledger and set Station (vid. arts 48-49). But now he is a Minor Candidate and Scott has decided that there is no objection to a homeboarder setting station or keeping this ledger, since this house (No. 1 Gt. Deans Yard) has been built for the homeboarders and therefore he need not take the ledger home or out of Dean’s Yard.

F. P. Tomlinson


Prin. Opp.


No. 53

Friday December 11th

On this day the Eton Eleven made its appearance and a remarkably strong eleven it was. The match soon became a very exciting one but the Etonians seemed to have a great advantage in running as there were very few of our men from whom they could not very soon get clear away. After about an hour’s hard play on both sides, during which time Eton got two games, the elevens dispersed. This was our only defeat this season.

W Lefroy

Head Boarder


No. 52

Tuesday the eighth of December was the day appointed for the Harrow match, but as Harrow had broken up they were unable to bring the whole of their own eleven and filled up with some old Harovians from Oxford and Cambridge, and it was said that an Etonian was present also. However that was the result was a very strong eleven which however only succeeded in making a drawn match of it each side getting one game.

No. 51

On Wednesday 2nd December the Charterhouse Eleven made their appearance Up Fields for the 1st time. It was a miserable day – pouring with rain and so windy that the ball was “out” every minute in spite however of these difficulties the match was a very spirited on. The result of about an hour’s play being that Westminster got two games and Charterhouse 0.


No. 50

The athletic sports came off on Tuesday & Wednesday the 3rd and 4th of November and though the weather, on the 1st day was, as might have been expected so late in the year, very bad, yet it cleared up on Wednesday & we had a very good day. The mile, which was run on Tuesday, was won by Tomlinson T. B., Lane Q. S. second, & G Dowdeswell T. B. third.

The half mile with hurdles at the end was won by Lane Q. S. The 150 yds flat race by Giles Q. S. who also got the first prize for throwing the cricket ball: & the high jump by Sim Q. S. This last was very good (5 ft 1 ½ inches).

On Wednesday a police band was on the ground & a considerable number of spectators were present.

On my asking Marshall for the public football subscription he said that for the future he could never pay it without seeing the details of the accounts bill that he might know how the money was spent.

W Lefroy

Head Boarder