No 586

This term a new match at football was played for the first time, between Rigauds (Revd B. F. James) and Grant’s (Rev. Marshall).

This year the Rigaudites won, getting one game to none.

I hope this match will be kept up annually, as it stimulates the little fellows to play and thus prepares them for future matches. The following rules have been agreed to –

  1. That no fellow above Upper Shell or in the football Eleven be allowed to play on either side
  2. That it always be played “up fields” and after the Xmas vacation but previous to the T.B & Q.S football match

W. Winters Prin. Opp.

For list of Head Town Boys since 1815 see article 398.

No 582

Last half year we had another of more tanning rows which do more to destroy the discipline of the school than anything else. It as usual began with Marshall’s absurd idea than the house and school finally can be ruled by kindness and brotherly love alone, without the use of corporal punishment. He attacked Dowdeswell & myself and demanded whether we had at any time tanned anyone. This was nothing against myself, but Dowdeswell was convicted of having tanned someone, and was shown up to Scott who stopped him; not however for tanning as an offence, but for breaking a rule of his against the remove using that power. Marshall not content, since he had found nothing against me, asked me like a pickpocket and said I “was ignorant of the broader principles of Christianity.” Scott said nothing against me however and the affair ended. I did not remain good friends with him* however, but he and S made it up in a way at the end of the halfyear. I commenced[?] the first head Townboy and head of this house, on Marshall’s leaving, & start tanning as a regular thing, always keeping in mind not to let it be a vehicle for bullying.


J. L. Swale

Prin. Opp.

No 579

This last half year we have decided on establishing here “Athletic Sports” so accordingly a committee was formed to take this into consideration consisting of Gumbleton (Capt), J. L. Swale (Prin. Opp.)(which members of the school (named Capt & Prin Opp) always to be considered members), A J. Mackey T.B, H.B Maurice Q.S, A.P. Dawson Q.S, W. Winter T.B, B.N. Thomas, T.B. Barker QS having rejected to this election on the ground of Forster T.B having canvassed for them. The 5 selected members conferred and after rather a stormy meeting, were electively a […] majority than before. Jealousy had no a doubt a part deal to do with Barker’s rejection, he thinking he ought to have been elected as Q.S. captain of the eleven.

J. L. Swale

Prin. Opp.

No 578

Two of the masters Rev. Weare and Bonney the mathematician master left at the end of the Midsummer term and were presented with each a testimonial by the T.B. Weare with a coffee service, and Bonney with a silver inkstand. Rev. W. Ingram O.W. has taken Weare’s place as second master and a Mr Scriven. Bonney’s Yr remain: to be seen how they will be liked.

J. L. Swale

Prin. Opp.