No. 99

The swimming cup was again contested for this year at the Crown Baths & was won by Labertouche in 2 minutes 52 seconds. James was second. A 120 yards race under sixteen was also won by Labertouche & Paget was successful in diving for plates.

No. 98

The Phillimore essay was this year won by L. James Proxime accent J. H. Cumming.                                                                                                          J. I. Stirling. Prin.Opp   

No. 96

Twelve places for the School were provided by Archdeacon Farrar at the service in St. Margaret’s on Sunday May 22, which was attended by the House of Commons. The representations of the school took part in the processions which went to meet the speaker & the Commons. The representatives of the school took part in…

No. 95

Seventy members of the schools were present at the Jubilee Service on June 21st . The Upper Sixth & the Heads of Houses got excellent seats in the Upper tier over the altar. The rest of those who were in Abbey were accommodated in the Triforium, while the remainder of the school got places on…

No. 92

There was rather a large entry for the wires this year, no less than 10 competing. The first round resulted as follows.                                        Probyn beat Moon 11-6, 5-11, 15-9                                        Clapham beat Sharpe 11-8, 7-11, 15-14                                        Wheeler beat Woodbridge 11-6, 11-5                                          Prothero beat Knox, 11-5, 11-8                                          Lambert beat Hurst 11-5, 6-11, 11-8…

No. 91

The ties for the Woodens this term resulted as follows: First round: T. W. Wheeler beat A. G. Prothero, F. J. Prothero beat H. Druitt, Barwell & Veitch bye, Stirling & Petrochino scratched. Second round: Wheeler beat Barwell, Prothero a bye. Veitch scratched. In the final Wheeler beat Prothero, the scores being 10-11, 11-16, 15-9.

No. 90           

F. H. Coller & H. P. Lowe have gained first classes in the moderations at Oxford: while R. H. Bellairs has gained the Abbot scholarship at Balliol College.                                                                                                          J. I. Stirling. Prin.Opp