No. 175

A sad calamity fell upon us yesterday (Wednesday 20th Nov 1872). J. Harvey a TB in the Upper Shell up Rigauds incautiously played in the football match v the Norwood club last Saturday, having at the time an absess on his right elbow, after the match he showed no sign of pain & attended Abbey both morning & afternoon the next day, but on Sunday night he seemed seedy & did not appear in school on Monday, & the poison, having spread through the whole system gave him such intense pain that in the evening he became unconscious & in spite of every effort got worse & worse & finally passed away on Wednesday afternoon without ever having recovered his senses. He was a universal favourite on account of his quiet demeanour, & his death has cast quite a gloom over the whole school. On Saturday we had a lecture from Canon Conway about the suddeness of poor Harvey’s death, & on Sunday afternoon Scott preached on the same subject; after service the “Dead March” was played. Harvey’s body was taken away on Sunday morning to Wales (where he lived), & on Tuesday it was buried; Scott read over the Burial Service up school after 8 o-clock prayers on Tuesday morning.


No 33

On the following Friday the Eton eleven came down. They played hard for more than [an] hour without any success on either side, till a length just as they were going to finish, one of the Eton men (Lyttleton) was thrown heavily. He fell with his arm twisted under him and was helped up with a broken arm. A doctor was luckily on the ground, who bandaged it up temporarily then advised his immediate removal to the hospital. It seems, that the poor fellow has broken the small bone of the arm, which, though not as bad as the main one, is sufficient to keep his arm in a sling for some time to come. I can only add that the game was immediately stopped; that we (the Westminsters) were unutterably grieved at this accident, it is unnecessary to say. The pain must have been awful, but he bore it like a trump, and was not heard to utter a single complaint. I must not close this article without saying how pluckily and well our eleven played. There was not one under the mark. Everyone did his best, and I think the Etonians did the same. I don’t think an accident of the kind has ever occurred before at Westminster. At any rate not within the memory of any of the Old Westminsters who were looking on at the time. However it can’t be helped, accidents will happen, and I am sure that in this case, if it was nothing more than a pure accident, it was a bona fide ‘Spill’ shoulder to shoulder. No tripping up, or pushing. I hope Eton will come down next year. When we will show them again that we don’t mean them to consider themselves invincible. This match was a great improvement on last year’s, and those next year’s will improve on this, and that we shall lick Eton at football, and on the water.

E.R. Dowdeswell

Prin. Opp.

No 258

On Tuesday August 3rd the annual match between TBs and KSs was played in Vincent Square in which the TBs were defeated by 51 runs. Eight of the QS eleven however were in the eleven & therefore had much the advantage over us. Besides we were deprived of the services of Deacon one of our best men, who was unavoidably kept away by illness. The play however, on both sides was very good. The day was beautiful and the spectators numerous.
The following were the players:

Town Boys
Smart Senr
Marshall Senr
Marshall Junr
J Preston Senr
R. Preston Junr
Colquhoun Senr

Queen Scholars
Cooper Senr
Smart Junr
Cooper Junr

For particulars vide Cricket Ledger

This year a very good thing was done in cutting down the match dinner from 1/5s to 12s -, & though I like a good dinner as much has any one, yet I think it perfect nonsense to have champagne &c at a cricket dinner. For no one can drink much champagne & play at Cricket properly afterwards.

N.G. Smart
Prin. Opp.

No 256

This year Eton did not send us any challenge to row them. Probably they did not challenge us because there was a great deal of scarlet fever in the school, which must have greatly hindered their rowing. Roberts had just built us a beautiful new boat, suited to our strength. And people who had seen the Etonian crew, allowed that we should have had a very good chance with them.
The eight was then as follows:
Smith QS
Simpson QS
Randolph QS
Beasley TB
Goolden QS
Haggard QS
Deacon TB
Prout Stroke QS
Hallet steerer TB

N.G. Smart
Prin. Opp.

No 185*

The Cricket Match between the K.S. and the T.B. was this year won by the latter by 13 runs the following are the names of the players


Vialls Senr
Ld Somerton
[Pront] Senr
Ld Paget
Smith Jun.


Smith Senr
Richards Junr
Tritton Junr.

Ld J. Lennox, Astley and Vialls Junr were ill, and therefore unable to play on the side of the T.B. The K.S. also lost Cocks from the same cause. The match was played on Tuesday 2nd August.

Added by Somerton H.B.