No. 62

Owing to the absence of “Wires” in the School the Silver Racquet was not played for this year. The “Woodens” resulted as follows.

First Round               A. G. Prothero beat Druitt

                                    F. S. Prothero – Wheeler

                                    Bereus — Smyth

                                    Farquhason —- Harrison

                                    Phillimore —- Barwell

                                    Hurst — Jarvis

Second Round        Bereus beat Farquharson

                                Hurst    “   A. Prothero

                                Phillimore  “  G F. Prothero

In the semi final Phillimore beat Bereus & as Hurst scratched he was left winner of the Woodens for 1880.

                                                                                                                           J. I. Stirling. Prin.Opp   

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