No 441

The fast-ball has been revived this half with great vigour, & a match has got up by J Steward & A Miliman which came off on Wednesday afternoon October 13th which terminated in favour of the Present Westminsters, the game standing when we left off Present Westminsters 9 & Old Westminsters 3, The players on each side were:

Old West.
C. Howard
A. Milman
J. Morrak
F. Green
F. Steward
F. Henty
W. A. Hunt
R. Freeman*
L. Williams*

Prst  Westrs
L. Twiss QS
F. Oliver QS
L. J. Gilbert QS
W. Madan QS
E. Vincent QS
C. Upperton QS
A. Williams QS
A. Slade QS
O. Salvin TB
J. Fellows TB
J. Allington TB

Those marked * are Present Westminsters who were put in to make up the number of the other side. As Green left soon after the game began Gilbert was handed over to their side.

O. Salvin Prin. Opp.

No 382

We had a good row on the 17th of July (the Thames Regatta) to Putney, (not having leave off names, & a hard tide against us all the way back) – we saw part of the match for the Coat & Badge. (Sculler’s match). but were not able to stay for the last heat for absence of time.

W.C. Macready
Prin. Opp.

No 373

The cricket this year seems to be a sad falling off notwithstanding the immense sum laid out in improving, or rather attempting to improve the condition of Tothill Fields. A match was got up by young Buckland and some others, but is not of sufficient note to give at large. Cook Q.S. made a good score.

W.C. Macready
Prin. Opp.

No 362

* The eleven elated with their success in the last cricket match accepted a challenge from the I Zingarees (and the school an early play for the match from Lord Paget) The I Zingarees beat us easily – for particulars see cricket ledger. The match took place on the fourth of July.

*After this match the eleven played the Marylebone Cricket Club. And were beaten in one innings by a large score – see Cricket Ledger

W.C. Macready
Prin. Opp.

No 244

During the Summer Half (1840) the King’s Scholars challenged us to Play them at Rackets which we of course accepted and selected two from the T.B.s as they did on the part of themselves. Their Players were “Somerset” (Captain); “Merewether”. Ours were “Curteis” & “Osborn”. We played a Rubber & beat them, winning the 1st & 3d games easily. Curteis played particularly well. The K.S. Not being satisfied of their inferiority challenged us a second time, which we agreed to cheerfully. The result was similar, we winning the 2d & 3d games & the Rubber. After this the K.S. Challenged us no more.

M.F. Osborn
Prin Opp