No 117

A dispute arising between the TB and KS as to the length of time, which was had a right to stay in the cloisters, (the KS claiming an equal division, whereas the TB always previously had a ¼ of an hour more than the KS) Williamson, to prevent any bad consequences, took the matter into his own hands, and decided that the KS had no right whatever to claim the ¼ of an hour from the TB –

The TB however on consideration thinking it but fair that there should be an equal division granted the KS as a favour the time required –

T. Blackall H.B.

Vide No. 7 wh happened whilst Williamson was at school as a boy

No 99

It is intended henceforward that no King Scholar should stay over the election, it is declared that interest is to have no effect, that it is to be decided by merit alone, and that every one is to have an equal chance whether that will be the case is to be seen hereafter.

E.H. Greathed
Prin. Opp.

That this would be the most fair and equitable way, I think there is no room for doubting but I can safely answer that if ever such a rule was made (and there seems to be the less reason for thinking so) it has been to my certain knowledge very often grossly violated.

Added by J. Preston 1845

No 78

Goodenough thinking fit to take notice of some slight disturbances, which took place about this time, came round and made a speech at the several boarding houses, severely condemning and strictly prohibiting for the future any game likely to draw fellows together such as shaving &c – adding moreover if the usher should be out of the way, in cases of any such game taking place; it was the [?] duty of the keepers of the boarding-house to give immediate information to the higher authorities

George MacLeay
Head Boarder

No 57

On the 5th of November this year (1823) in consequence of a fellow of the name of Kynaston having been shockingly burnt by the accidental explosion of some fireworks Dr. Goodenough sent round to each boarding house strict orders prohibiting them for the future.  Dr. G. had previously allowed them which, however, was not the case with the preceding Headmasters.

JR Wood

Prin Opp

No 53

On the 22 Feby 1823. The following rules were given out by Goodenough

“Dr Goodenough desires that every Boy who in consequence of illness or any other cause may be detained either at home or at the house of any friend beg and the time for which leave is given, shall (in addition to the note brought by himself upon his return) procure a note to be sent down to the Boarding House some time in the course of the first day of his absence stating the circumstances, in failure of which he cannot be allowed to visit at that place for the future

J.R Wood
Prin Opp

No 47

On the 20th Feby 1822 some fellows in Grants having been caught stepping out during the time they had leave out of school Goodenough sent the following orders to the several boarding houses –

In consequence of such irregularity having prevailed among boys who stay out in the boarding houses from school

It is ordered –

That every boy whether King’s Scholar or Town Boy, who is staying out of school at the Boarding House,  shall exhibit himself to the Usher of the House immediately, the Usher comes out of school to breakfast; immediately he goes in again; immediately he comes out at noon & on whole schooldays, before he goes in again for evening school & immediately he returns from it & that every boy be ready to show himself to the Usher at any time during school-hours that the Usher may happen to come out of school, unless in such cases of illness as may cause the Usher to appoint otherwise – And that a boy be at liberty to go out upon the pretence of its being his intention to come into school at the next school-hour – His first going out must be into school

J.R. Wood – Prin. Opp.