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At 3 meetings of the sixth held on the 6th, 7th and 8th days of March 1837 the following paper was agreed to and signed by the Heads of the T.B. and H.B. boats. It being absolutely necessary, in consequence of the low state of the school to resort to this method of keeping up the crew of the Townboys’s boat.


Dean’s Yard March 8th 1837

In consequence of the present low state of the School, it has been thought expedient by ourselves and the rest of the sixth that there should be an union between the boarders and Home-Boarders, on the water, under the following Rules and Regulations mutually agreed upon. And we do bind ourselves to observe these rules so agreed to, so long as this union shall exist. And we do also agree that all Rules and Regulations hitherto made relating to the water, which are contrary to the conditions and Rules of this agreement or repeated more particularly the rule marked No. 153 in the T.B. Ledger, as long as this Union shall exist.

Rules agreed upon.

That the fellow who has been longest in the boat (whether Boarder or Home-Boarder) shall be head of the water, and shall exercise all the powers and privileges hitherto enjoyed by Heads of the Water such as sending on fellows in boats &c &c

That the head of the water (if a Boarder) shall keep the Water Ledger, but (if he be a home boarder) that the Water Ledger shall be kept by the Head of the Town Boys, and that the Head of the TB shall give up this ledger to the head of the water, only when he requires it, either for the purpose of inserting any-thing in it, or for referring to it, and this rule is made in order that the water ledger may be always kept in Dean’s Yard.

That the Boarders and Home-Boarders shall be considered as on, and have equal privileges on the water; such as those fellows who are in the eight having light wherries &c &c

That any fellow in the eight, who when the boat is going on, shall refuse to row, or having promised to row shall not appear at the proper time, shall (except when the fellow not attending be ill or absent from Westminster) be fined one shilling and sixpence.

That the fines mentioned in the preceding rule shall be enforced by the head of the water, and shall go towards maintaining a fund for the payment of incidental expenses.

That the following shall be the crew of the boat, and the order in which they are placed.

Vialls Senr
Mackenzie Senr
Mackenzie Junr

Steerer F. Lennox


Charles Vialls
Head of the Water

F. Turner
Head of the Home Boarder’s boat

It was then determined that every arrangement should be immediately made for carrying these Rules into effect.

Somerton H.B.

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