No 188

Having often heard the following admitted as rules by former heads, and other fellows; but not finding them written in this book, I think it right to place them here. First –

“That when a head of the T.B. has, (from being placed high in the school) not been here long enough to know the usual rules; the one who stands next in the sixth may be appointed in his place provided the same defect is not against him __*

That when a steerer is put out of the 8 (from his being over weight, or any other cause) by the mutual consent of the boat, he shall not be liable to be sent on in any other boat; and shall enjoy the same privilege as the regular steerer.

B.G. Astley

* I have thought it right, with consent and approbation of the rest of the sixth to add the following words to this rule
“and provided also that the rest of the boarders in the sixth form do approve of such appointment.”

Somerton H.B.

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