No 378

On the 20th of June in consequence of their being no race with Eton, Rich, the stroke of the Oxford University boat (an old Westminster) kindly offered to bring an Oxford eight down to Westminster to row us, on our own course between Barkers Rails & Putney. We having accepted the challenge, everything was arranged & our eight went into training for the occasion. I myself was unable to row inconsequence of previous ill health so Wright took my oar. A steamer was engaged, which took us all to Chiswick bridge from whence the boats were to start, (as we had agreed upon a shorter course). Our boat went off boldly with the start but the superior height of the Oxford men soon told for they kept a head of us the rest of the distance & finally went through Putney bridge ten boats lengths a head of us. It was a good reace however and did great credit to our crew. We* all lunched together at the Star & Garter. Most of the party returned by the steamer not in their respective eights.

The crews were as follows

1. Upperton (QS)
2. Williams (QS)
3. Milman (TB)
4. Steward (TB)
5. Eminson (QS)
6. Wright T.B.
7 Horne (QS)
Stroke Barnes (QS)
Cox Green (QS)

1. Hemage X
2. A. Milman
3. J. Rich
4. C. Steward
5. Milman
6. Hanbury
7. H. Barker
Stroke Rich
Cox Balfour

One eight was had from Noulton & Wilds for the occasion & all expense defrayed by the fellows that [?] it with a small subscription from the Town Boys & Q.SS.

W.C. Macready P. Opp.

*ie. both the racing boats and the other sixth form present.

X An old Westminster has kindly supplied with with the names of the Oxford crew who beat us in 1850, so thought I might as well in put them here.
C.G. Law
Prin Opp.
Dec 20 1853

No 119

After a communication by letter of some duration between the KS of Westminster and the Etonians, concerning a rowing match, it was finally determined to be rowed on Election Thursday May 12th (1831) at Maidenhead. Accordingly after the Election breakfast, the crew of the boat started for Maidenhead in a barouche and four, and arrived there about an hour and a half before the Etonians. The distance to be rowed was from Maidenhead bridge to a pole off Monkey Island and back again to Maidenhead. Accordingly about five o’clock the two boats repaired to their respective stations (the Etonians having the choice of the sides of the river) and the signal being given they started the Etonians taking the lead, and upon arriving at Monkey Island they were so far ahead as to be able to turn without fouling; they then pulled back to Maidenhead bridge, and finally won by about a hundred and fifty yards. After the race the Etonians returned to Eton and the Westminsters divided, part proceeding to Oxford and the rest returning to London. The names of the crew were



Abm Borradaile HB