No. 210


The candidates were-


H.S. Otter            Capt.

W.A.L.P Evans

A.W. Williams Wynn

E.H. Holthouse


E.G.B Phillimore (Grant’s)

E.M. Rodocanachi (Rigaud’s)

F.L. Denman (Grant’s)


Also H. L. Roche QS

H.L. Randall QS

J.R. Reid               T.B.


There were elected to Oxford:

H.S. Otter

W.A.L.P. Evans

E.G.B. Phillimore


To Cambridge:

E.H. Holthouse

H.L. Randall


Triplett Exhibitions:

E.H. Holthouse

A.W.W. Wynn

Egerton G.B. Phillimore. P.O

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