No 340

An order was issued from Mr Liddell on the advice of Mr Weare (according to his own confession than TB one & all upper & under Elections also should always be on station

leave off was however given to the Head TB & Captain & Monitors. This gave great offence and altho the forms below Upper Shell were always obliged to go yet that the Upper Shell & 6th should be was an unheard of rule, the Upper elections too were highly indignant it is however much relaxed now & I hope will not hang heavily on the shoulder of those that come hereafter. As it were by mutual consent however the liberty-boy was not chaired on the Under Master’s steps & the way before his house passed in silence much to his disgust he gave next day leave off station to several seniors who have been confined to it & at the same time said he had intended to do so before last the occurrence of the yesterday.

CFL West

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