No. 68

The Athletics Sports came off on Thursday & Friday Oct 17 & 28. The weather was on the whole “propitious” but the “Ground” bad. The running excelled former years, as did also the jumping – in which Giles QS. cleared 5ft 6” & in the Pole jump Harrison QS. 8ft 8in, the “Long” Account will be found in the Q. S. Ledger.

J F Lucas          Prin. Opp.

No. 54


As I was only the sixth Townboy from September to Xmas 1863, Lefroy the headboarder in Remove kept this Ledger and set Station (vid. arts 48-49). But now he is a Minor Candidate and Scott has decided that there is no objection to a homeboarder setting station or keeping this ledger, since this house (No. 1 Gt. Deans Yard) has been built for the homeboarders and therefore he need not take the ledger home or out of Dean’s Yard.

F. P. Tomlinson


Prin. Opp.


No. 4

The “fours” were rowed on Wednesday afternoon April 16th from Hammersmith to Putney. Four boats had been made up but owing to O’Brien spraining his leg his boat scratched. Thomas’ boat won by barely a length, the second boat making a very good race of it. The final boat was some way behind. The crews were as follows –

Bow: A. Dowdeswell T.B                                                                                Bow: Michele T.B

3: W. Hunt T.B                                                                                                   3: J.O. Wiliams T.B

2: A. Dowdeswell T.B                                                                                      2: C. Ball T.B

Stroke: A.J. Mackey Q.S                                                                                 Stroke: W. Besly Q.S

Cox: H. Walker Q.S                                                                                           Cox: Circuitt Q.S


Bow: Tom Q.S                                                                                                    Bow: Theoor (?) Q.S

3: Baker Q.S                                                                                                        3: W. Barnes Q.S

2: Pember Q.S                                                                                                   2: O’Brien Q.S

Stroke: Dawson Q.S                                                                                         Stroke: Monk T.B

Cox: Jaylae T.B                                                                                                   Cox: Chapman T.B

W. Winters

Prin. Opp.

No 579

This last half year we have decided on establishing here “Athletic Sports” so accordingly a committee was formed to take this into consideration consisting of Gumbleton (Capt), J. L. Swale (Prin. Opp.)(which members of the school (named Capt & Prin Opp) always to be considered members), A J. Mackey T.B, H.B Maurice Q.S, A.P. Dawson Q.S, W. Winter T.B, B.N. Thomas, T.B. Barker QS having rejected to this election on the ground of Forster T.B having canvassed for them. The 5 selected members conferred and after rather a stormy meeting, were electively a […] majority than before. Jealousy had no a doubt a part deal to do with Barker’s rejection, he thinking he ought to have been elected as Q.S. captain of the eleven.

J. L. Swale

Prin. Opp.

No 466

Some small Town Boys let off some fireworks in College St in the morning about a week ago, one of them named Harrington was accordingly laid hold of by a Policeman and taken to the Station House, when Marshall heard of it he went to get him out but his entreaties were of no use, John + Martin however were more successful a short time after. Harrington had to appear in Court the next day and was fined a shilling for knocking the Peeler’s hat off.

C.G. Lane

Prin. Opp.