No. 69

The T. B. B. in Vith for Play Term 1886

J. I. Stirling Prinn. Opp.                                  Rigauds

C. Erskine                   T. B. B. Monitors        Grants

P. C. Probyn                                                    Rigauds

S. C. Woodhurse                                             Asburnham

C. H. Marsh                                                     Rigauds

D. S. H. J. Lewis                                               Home Boarders

S. Liberty                                                         Home Boarders

F. G. Miller                                                       Rigauds

J. G. Veitch                                                      Grants

R. G. Thornton                                                Home Boarders

T. W. O. Wheeler                                            Riguads

                                                                                                            J. I. Stirling. Prin.Opp   

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