No. 133

Complaints having been made of misconduct on the part of some of the boys of Westminster School who have been climbing on the roof of the Houses of Parliament & making disturbances in the courts, the Lord High Chamberlain has ordered

“that the Westminster boys, if they conduct themselves properly, may be permitted to pass through the inner courts of the Palace, & so on to the river terrace upon Saturdays & Sundays & on other days when the houses are not sitting or Committees being held in the Committee Rooms. In case of any further disorders this leave must be finally withdrawn.”

No boys below the shell are to go into the courts of the Palace or upon the River Terrace on any pretence.

(Signed) Chas. B. Scott.

This rule was issued in consequence of some gross misconduct on the part of the Town Boys, two having gone so far as to scratch their names on the Terrace.

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