No 21

At a meeting of “Elizabethans” on Thursday 30th the following business was transacted:

Phillimore and Yates QSS (who had [receded?] from the club last half) were re-elected as members of the Elizabethan Club.

I That in future all members be entirely equal. No notice being taken of their position in the school. That the words “Townboy” & “Queenscholar” being considered unparliamentary (when used with reference to members of the Club) in order that jealousy between the two orders in the club may in some degree be put to a stop.

II That since all members are equal any member may be elected president (to the abolition that the original rule that a senior only might be president).

III That meetings be held once every month of oftener at the direction of the President.

E.R. Dowdeswell

   Prin. Opp.

*I find that on looking back the “Elizabethans” have not before been mentioned, so I will give a short account of the club from its first foundation. The club was started by some Q.S. in 1861 under the name of “The Bonding Bricks”. It was intended to be exclusively a Queen’s Scholars Club but by degrees one or two Town Boy’s were admitted, with simply a nominal membership since they had no role in any matter, were not permitted to hold any office in the club, or to propose or second any one a member. Things went on smoothly since we did not care for any of their honours and most of us alluded the dinner on Election Tuesday (101). The next lot of seniors however made a great change. The name was changed to the more gentlemanly one of ‘Elizabethans” & we were placed on the footing we now occupy as all equal.

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E.R. Dowdeswell

   Prin. Opp.

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