No 20

The Athletic Sports came off on Wednesday and Thursday the 22nd & 23rd October. The weather had been very strong for some days before, but luckily cleared up enough to let us have a good day’s fun. The running was much better than last year’s, the judging perhaps not quite so good. O’Brien Q.S. won the 3 best prizes.* (The mile, hurdle race, & a mile with hurdles.) Williams T.B. won throwing the cricket ball & hammer. Chepwel Q.S. won the high jump & jump with pole. Yates Q.S. long jump etc. etc. for further particulars inside “Athletic Sports Ledger.” (under the care of the secretary).

E.R. Dowdeswell

   Prin. Opp.

*Mrs Scott kindly presided at the presentation of prizes

H. Steward & E. O. Bernes Esqs. (Old West) officiated as starter and judge

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