No. 3

Revd T.W. Weare having kindly sent a “Badge” to be fenced for each year and held by the winners till the following […], the first holder was decided today, April 7 1862. There were twelve entries but owing to the short time allowed this year for practice, the good fencing was confined to a few couples – the Gymnasium, which, not yet having been fitted up, is […] & S[…] was selected for the place of contest. The prize was eventually won by Gumbleton Captain of the Q.S.S.

Anselo, the fencing master, was present to see fair play.

W. Winters

Prin. Opp.

* Rvd. Weare gave some rules with his “Badge” which I have only just manage to get. They are too long for mention here, so I have had them written out & a copy is to be kept in the box with the ledgers etc.

Added by E.R. Dowdeswell Prin. Opp.


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