No 579

This last half year we have decided on establishing here “Athletic Sports” so accordingly a committee was formed to take this into consideration consisting of Gumbleton (Capt), J. L. Swale (Prin. Opp.)(which members of the school (named Capt & Prin Opp) always to be considered members), A J. Mackey T.B, H.B Maurice Q.S, A.P. Dawson Q.S, W. Winter T.B, B.N. Thomas, T.B. Barker QS having rejected to this election on the ground of Forster T.B having canvassed for them. The 5 selected members conferred and after rather a stormy meeting, were electively a […] majority than before. Jealousy had no a doubt a part deal to do with Barker’s rejection, he thinking he ought to have been elected as Q.S. captain of the eleven.

J. L. Swale

Prin. Opp.

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