No. 310

The honours that have fallen to the school at the University during the past year, according to Scott’s report, are, at Oxford,

H.S. Otter                            1st Class                 Lit. Hum.

W.A.L.P. Evans                  2nd “                       “ “

E.G.B. Phillimore               “ “                           “ “

A.W.W. Wynn                    “ “                           “ “

E.M. Rodocanachi            3rd “                        “ “



F.B. Lott               1st Class                Lit. Hum.

“                              3rd “                      History

E.M. Mee            1st “                        Lit. Hum.

W.S. Rawson      2nd “                       Mathematics


at Cambridge,

A.P. Hill                 3rd cl.                     Class. Tripos.

W. Heath Scholar of Trinity Coll.

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