No 312

It may perhaps appear a trivial & needless circumstance for me to mention here yet as I have frequently heard the point contested & still remain unanswered I may as well add here what I ought rightly to have inserted higher up viz that to settle the point it was resolved this year that when the pancake was thrown in School on Shrove Tuesday it should be retained whole by Barton a Q.S. after a shew of scrambling & “greasing” who should then make the experiment on Dr. Turton as to whether a Sovereign was obtainable or no on the representation of the School Pancake at the Deanery – whole – I am happy to add as an excitement and stimulus to future exertions that the result of the experiment was highly satisfactory & that the fortunate possessor returned from the Deanery 20s heavier in the pocket than when he went.

J. Preston O.P.

No 191

One of the Seniors, Hotham, having written to Mr Hudson, a gentleman attached to the King’s household and formerly at Westminster, to be, that if he had an opportunity, he would request the King to attend the representation of the Adelphi, he accordingly made the desired application to his Majesty who in the most gracious manner answered, that he should have been most happy to accept the invitation of Mr Hotham, but that his indisposition prevented him from coming; this was communicated to the Dean by Sir Herbert Taylor in a letter, upon which Williamson immediately sent for Hotham and told him, that he considered his conduct had been most impertinent in writing to Hudson, without either his or the Dean’s knowledge, and said that as a punishment he should not allow him to act in the two remaining nights, this transaction having occurred after the first play.  Williamson however, most likely fearing there would be an uproar on this account on the nights in question, sent for Hotham again on the following day, and said he rather supposed that the application to the King had been made by others, before Hotham wrote, and that therefore he should allow him to act, but set him 400 lines to learn by heart.  Any comments on this conduct are quite unnecessary, it is in strict accordance with all Dr Williamson’s other actions, when he meddles in these sort of affairs, for what Hotham chose to write in a private letter to a friend could not possibly by any business of Williamson’s.

Somerton H.B.

No 126

The Dean having received a most gracious communication from his Majesty expressive of his entire satisfaction at the arrangements made in the Abbey for the Coronation, was pleased to give us an extra week’s holiday this Xmas in token of his approbation of the conduct of the Westminsters during that ceremony –

J.R. Cornish

Head Boarder