No 360

The second eight received a challenge from a four chosen out of the eleven, to race them from Battersea Bridge to Westminster (B.). It was accepted and the four of the eleven!!! was beaten by seven or eight boats length. The race took place upon the 22nd of June: the boats were arranged as follows.

1. Marryatt Q.S.
2. Blagden Q.S.
3. Armitstead Q.S.
Stroke 4. Stokes Q.S.
Cox Balfour Q.S.

1. Bennett Q.S.
2. Browne
3. Madan Q.S.
4. Williams Q.S.
5. Browne
6. Somerville Q.S.
7. Steward
Stroke 8. Milman
Cox Twiss

W.C. Macready
Prin. Opp.