No 319

A misunderstanding having arisen in the School as to whether W. Green was to be considered head Town-boy because, although he had entered the sixth previous to me I had taken him in the next examination, Green & myself looked carefully over the Ledger and finding it was not without a precedent, it was agreed that I was properly entitled to be considered Head Town-boy.

C.F.L West O.P.

I have understood now from the Masters as well that the Head TB being a boarder is head also of the HB

C.F.L West

No 312

It may perhaps appear a trivial & needless circumstance for me to mention here yet as I have frequently heard the point contested & still remain unanswered I may as well add here what I ought rightly to have inserted higher up viz that to settle the point it was resolved this year that when the pancake was thrown in School on Shrove Tuesday it should be retained whole by Barton a Q.S. after a shew of scrambling & “greasing” who should then make the experiment on Dr. Turton as to whether a Sovereign was obtainable or no on the representation of the School Pancake at the Deanery – whole – I am happy to add as an excitement and stimulus to future exertions that the result of the experiment was highly satisfactory & that the fortunate possessor returned from the Deanery 20s heavier in the pocket than when he went.

J. Preston O.P.

No 305

An event happened this year, which I feel confident has never had a parallel here -viz. this Dr. Williamson having mentioned at the election of 1844 that the Electors were dissatisfied with the examinations of the Major Candidates, afterwards informed the two Head Third Election Q.S. that the Electors wished to see what the Q.S. were capable of doing in their 3d Election year, by themselves, & that therefore he wished them (Milman & Ingram) to comply with their request. To this effect he also added several subsequent arguments of equal weight: and the event was a challenge between them to contend for the priority then belonging to Milman by right. The Subject was the “Hecuba” there were three challenges, with certain limitations similar to those of Minor Candidates. Milman eventually kept his place. The reasons assigned above were, & with good reason, suspected to be not the genuine ones. Of the merit or demerit of the actual circumstance of the innovation; I will leave the Reader to form his own judgement hereafter from its effects. It is yet to be determined whether this is to be a regular thing, as a sort of “Return Match” to the usual Election of Minor Candidates at Whitsuntide. The Challenge was viva voce.

No 287

It never has been, in my remembrance, not as far as I can understand in the remembrance of any other Sixth T.B. To have any Holiday Task set at Whitsuntide Holidays but this year, May 10th 1844 Dr. Williamson gave us a subject as unusual “Nelsonis Columna” to compose a set of verses on by after the vacation; 3 weeks 3 days. And when reasoned with on the subject still persisted in his mistake. His answer was that “if a Holiday Task was not set, by me, it was so by accident, as it is quite usual to set a Holiday Task at Whitsuntide, as it is at any other time. The exemption from Holiday Task in the past of the QS is because they are obliged to stay over the 3 or 4 days for their Election”. Now Holiday Tasks in my humble opinion are under any circumstances, most disgraceful imposition on, but most especially in the present instance, where the master is decidedly making an innovation. I suppose now it will be continued, but I dare say not without another attempt to convince Dr. Williamson of his mistake.

J. Preston O.P.