No 180

The names at the fields and in Dean’s Yard at ½ past seven at the former place and ¼ past eight in the latter which Williamson had abolished last year were this year reinstituted on account of the dinner at Putney on the occasion of the intended race (mentioned (168) and given at length in the Water ledger) last year.

C.D. Osborn H Boarder

No 150

On Friday August 2nd a new eight oared boat was launched from Roberts, and after a bottle of wine had been broken over her bow she was christened the ‘Victoria’ amidst the enthusiastic cheers of all the Westminsters. In the evening eight fellows picked out of the whole school, rowed her up to Putney steered by an old Westminster of the name of White, where he generously gave a most splendid dinner to his crew, and a few other Westminsters who happened to be there. The evening was passed with the utmost conviviality and the health of the generous host was drank with enthusiastic cheers, he also gave a breakfast on the following morning to those who had shared his hospitality on the preceding evening. The names of those who rowed in the ‘Victoria’ were

R Warren
*Barnes Sen

Those marked with an asterisk were Kings Scholars.

E U Sealy
Head Boarder