No 283

A servant at Grant’s (by name Henry Gillingham) having secreted a Racquet from L.A. Cramer G.S. then a senior for a considerable time (nearly 2 months) he one day offered it to me, & afterwards to another T.B. in his own name for sale; saying it was his own & naming 5 Shillings as the specified price. It was clear that the Racquet was one of Mc Pherson’s manufacture, & therefore it was quite certain that he could not come by it honestly.

It was not at this time known, to whom it properly belonged for the name (S Swabey) was carefully eradicated. This affair soon got wind and within 6 hours after the Racquet was forcibly restored to the persons who identified it as belonging to L.A. Cramer and finally to himself; and by way of making him careful of again appropriating another persons property he duly underwent the cold water cure at the Deans Yard Pump, as a memorable example to all his successors.

No 281

Soon after the Bartholomewtide Holidays a fellow by name G.O. Edwards, being detected smoking in a Tobacconists shop by Williamson, he was accordingly put down 4 places in his Election, & also received a long imposition. Several other instances have late by occurred; the first on record is, I believe, No 103 of this Ledger. G.O. Edwards was however restored after Xmas 1844.

No 276

It having been for some time in contemplation to abolish the breeches of the Q.S. & to institute trousers in their place an order to that effect was after Whitsuntide issued by Dr Turton Dean of Westminster. The colours specified were, as I understood any thing between black & white but this was of course supposed to include all colours, at least by the Q.S.

J. Preston