No 231

On Thursday the 11th of July a match was played at the fields between eleven of the Mary-le-bone, and 11 Westminsters, the day was beautiful, and afforded much amusement to the spectators, and after much good play, the match concluded in favour of the Mary-le-bone, who won by 44 runs.

Mary-le-bone 1st Innings 171
2nd innings 47

Westminster 1st innings 117
2nd innings 59

The names of the players were

Col. Lowther
S. Lowther
A. Walker
Ld. Paget
G. Bentinck
E. Vernon
Bagge M.P.

* E. Richards
F. Byron
H. Hodgson
*A. Boyce
H. Curteis
M. Obsorn
*T. Prout
*C. Randolph
*W. Merewether
*J. Lambard
*R. Greenlaw

F. Byron Prin. Opp.

Those marked * are Q.S.

For further particulars vide Cricket Ledger.

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