No 186

This season a challenge was sent from Eton offering to race at Staines, as usual refusing to come nearer to our water. Thursday the __ of May was the day appointed and at 6 o’clock the boats took their station at Staines Bridge. After one false start they got away, the Westminsters taking the lead; they kept it for about a mile, when the Etonians foul’d, kept even, [fit] the flay boat, raced for the last two miles and ultimately won by two lengths. The distance was raced in 20 minutes 4 miles and a half.

B.G. Astley
Head Boarder

The Westminsters pulled in a new [fin] boat called the Fairy Queen built expressly for the race by W. Noulton of Lambeth, who steered. The crew was as follows

Drewe K.S.
Howard K.S.
Vialls T.B.
Astley T.B.
Turner T.B.
Forester T.B.
Balston K.S.
Butler K.S.

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