No 179

Williamson having proposed as a subject for an English Prize poem a translation of the chorus in the Hecuba several fellows tried for it and the best exercise being declared by Williamson to be that shown up by a Townboy, it was of course expected that he would have the prize, but in the interval the Townboy having got into some row Williamson refused to give him the prize though it was understood to be unconditional. He at the same time gave prizes for the 2nd and 3rd best translation both done by King’s Scholars. This is recorded here as a lasting monument of Williamson’s good faith and as an encouragement to Townboys in future to exert themselves. I may as well also mention that *Bishop Burton left a sum of money to buy an annual prize for Townboys but which prize has never been given, Mr Williamson perhaps finding the funds of the school in the low state to which he by his bad management has reduced it insufficient for himself and friends.

C. Bewicke Head Boarder

* This ought to be Francis Burton Esq who left £5 per anum for the purpose before mentioned.

Added by C. Bewicke Head Boarder

The Townboy alluded to was Bewicke himself, his modesty probably having prevented his mentioning the circumstance.

Added by C.D. Osborn HB

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