No 125

The list of the sixth at Christmas (1831) was as follows

A. Borradaile
* C.F. Clinton
T. Blackall
R. Milman
W. F. Wingfield
R. T. Cornish
T.F. Stooks
T.C. Templer
* C. Tennyson
T.W. Ranker
* A. Stikeman
W.A. Chapman
T. Clerk
E.M. Sealy
T. Parkes
T.S. Cocks
T. Harrison
* T. Lennard
* A. Milman
W.H.W. Wynn
T.B. Maule
R. Warren (23)

Those marked with an asterisk are Home boarders

Abm Borradaile
Princeps Oppidanus

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