No. 76

The play this years was the Adelphi & was performed on the 9th, 15th & 15th of December. The caste was as follows:

Micio                        W. Buchanan

Demea                      G. O. Roos

Sannio                       R. R. Sandilands

Aeschinus                 L. James

Syrus                          C. S. W. Barwell

Cteripho                    P. J. Preece

Sostrata                     R. C. Olivier

B.M. Canthara          B. M. Goldeir

Gela                            A. R. Knapp

Hegio                          H. T. Whitaker

Dromo                        C. L. C. Aveling

            Personae Mutae

Parmeno                    C. C. Sharpe

Praltria                       F. Street

The epilogue this year was written by the Rev H. J. Thompson.

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